About Pancture® Paintings

Mesaros invades your personal space and you find yourself okay with it. Within four minutes he's touching your hand or removing the hairs that have fallen in your face much like a lover or longtime friend. He recounts his life story, replete with loss of loves and conquering of fears, with guileless tears falling from his eyes, but he doesn't want your pity. He'll tell you the same story three days later as if he'd never told it before in his life. He doesn't give a damn; and he cares so much.

This is a Mesaros Pancture: palpable passion and gestural madness which culminate in a studied, elegant, dynamic canvas. Every stroke is measured and intentional conspiring to create an extravagant image of impressive detail and allure. Mesaros' Panctures literally leap off the canvas. Echoing qualities of Picasso and Dali's extravagant style, Mesaros' work refutes the mundane and executes the extraordinary.

All of Mesaros' work takes place over an ocean. Consumed by the reflections of the water, he begs us to frolic naked at twilight — better yet, midnight — towards the water that beckons you to bare your trembling soul as Mesaros does his. Mesaros chooses to sculpt with oil paints. His sole tools are palette knives; in his hands they are the perfect instruments to portray the energy of the sea and they are the only instruments that allow him to spontaneously depict his feelings as they run through him. His ability to capture the intricacy and depth of color in his work come from a controlled frenzy of the senses, a paradox that, he insists, is absolutely intuitive. "This is my life's worth, without this I am nothing."