Brand Differentiation

Had Picasso painted Cubism 2 or 3 times it would have been a vague memory of a thought he had. Instead, he painted a new language. The marketplace must survive even the dull and the ignorant. Pioneers have that responsibility. Pancture Paintings have given the art world a new horizon. From the avid collector to the art student learning to be disciplined enough to learn by rote. Pancture Paintings have closed a gap in the industry. Where repetitious works of art were without definition, Pancture Paintings defy that premise. They involve the viewers thinking; simply with a realism point of view. The ocean can comfort – it can be threatening or even become an unyielding, unforgiving sea that will take your life. One may even look out upon it all day while sitting on the shore, perhaps contemplating the eternal. God has blessed us with a world that breathes our very life’s breath.

Mesaros' Panctures are as mesmerizing as the sea itself. Starting at the horizon line, which occurs about a fifth of the way from the top of the Pancture, the waves begin as tiny slivers of paint that advance down the canvas, row upon row, in ever larger, scale-shaped strokes. By the time they reach the bottom, the semi-circles of paint are thick and dimensional. They cantilever from the painting's surface like a wave crashing to the shore. Each glistening, dimensional stroke catches the ambient light that falls upon it, sending forth a sparkling highlight that is as real — and as evanescent — as the glint from an ocean wave.